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"Keep It Simple Solutions" or KISS products

All the ingredients have been carefully chosen to incorporate all the major nutritional elements that help to maintain and rejuvenate our skin. Using active plant extracts from selected herbs, vitamins & minerals , essential fatty acids from cold pressed oils and the amazing healing properties of Organic HONEY & BEESWAX straight from my fathers beehives!   

Why use HONEY & BEESWAX on our skin? 


*Honey is hydrating to the skins cells(a humectant) as it attracts and retains moisture within the skin. This enhances the skins youthful radiant look. Leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. Fills out fine lines and improves the skins texture. Honey by itself is actually a perfect moisturiser.

*Keeps your skin looking youthful as it contains anti-aging properties like bioflavonoids and antioxidents.

* Contains a natural healing agent called glucose oxidase(an enzyme)and when mixed with water within the skin cells it converts to Hydogen peroxide which is an antiseptic with antibacterial properties. Promotes healing of cuts and wounds.

*Provides a calming effect or reduction of inflamation of red ,dry ,ichy skin and reduces scarring.


  * Beeswax is actually a fat that is produced by glands under the abdoman of each worker bee it is then chewed and mixed with enzymes to be used in encapsulating the honey in the hive . It is very unique in nature and is classed as an Essential Fatty Acid. This is used to nourish and soften the skin cells.

 *Beeswax is naturally high in Vit .E and  Vit. A which have positve, rejuvenating effects on all skin cells especially good for anti-aging or skin requiring the essential nutrients to heal and soothe. 



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