Having trouble sleeping?

This Month on Radio I will be focussing on Sleeplessness, Anxiety and depression.

Week 1: having trouble Sleeping , falling asleep or do you wake up ...toss and turn till day light and feel like you've had no sleep.. at all.

Sleeplessness  Anxiety and depression affect  our overall general wellbeing and can eventually lead to other health issues . The hormones that govern sleep and our emotional state like feeling depressed ect are  all related and if one is out of balance than the this will affect our whole bodies hormone functions.

L-tryptophan (an amino acid found in protein rich foods), calcium and magnesium are all required in the manufacturing of the hormone Serotonin . From this hormone the Pineal gland within our brain makes Melatonin our natural sleep inducing chemical that kicks starts the wind down sleepy feeling we get before bedtime. Now many factors contribute to the imbalance of
these hormones and can stop the natural flow of sleep and insomnia.   

Natural health tips:

I  talked briefly on
foods to avoid and foods that help promote the right hormones to soothe  you off to sleep ie:

Avoid.. Coffee, highly processed coloured /sugary foods..These all  stimulate adrenaline and keep you up. Alcohol and soft drinks.

Foods to eat that have high amounts of L-Tryptophan, calcium and magnesium are: Turkey , Tuna Bananas, cheese, Raw nuts/seeds, Avocados, Eggs, Honey and Brown Rice

Herbal teas that actually promote more Melatonin(hormone that our pineal gland produces for sleep)

Herbal teas and tablets available..

Passionflower, Chamomile,  Hops , Lemon balm, Tulsi ,Valerian,

Supplements avail: Melatonin, Calcium/magnesium, Zizyphus and Sleep formulas that incorporate all these ingredients

One of my personal favourite tips /remedy  that works for me  is a mixture of Passion Flower, chamomile nettle and peppermint herbal tea brewed up with large teaspoon honey 1/2 hr
before bed. I also take most nights  a Calcium / Magnesium supplement to support my nervous system and possible  dietary deficiency if I've not eaten well enough that day!

Next Appearance on ABC radio will be Wed Sept 12th    and I will be speaking about