Fenella Jane"s KISS Philosophy


My personal philosophy on life and how I approach all that is my life on this planet is summed up in one word, "KIS" ... yes, Keep It Simple! we've all heard it said  so I appreciate I'm no pioneer to the philosophy but what I have done throughout my life is to live by it and encourage others to embrace what it truly means. I believe life is actually quite simple "what we give out, we get back , what we feed our body and mind we feed our heart and soul"  and this incorporates all aspects of our lives whether were conscious of it or not.

With this philosophy in mind it naturally led me to create my very own brand of skincare products called "KISS".....or Keep It Simple Solutions. Throughout the years it has been my greatest pleasure to educate people on natural health, diet and keeping our skin at its best. But what I've noticed the most about what is sold to us on the market today is that most  brands are overly complicated, full of chemicals & ingredients that no one understands & to top that off can be really expensive!

 But what does the value of good skincare products and looking radiant have to do with Living Well you ask?

Actually Everything......Why? Because when you look good on the outside you feel great on the inside and everyone knows exactly what I mean. You feel happy, confident, sexy and vibrant. People comment on the way you look and may ask "what are you doing that is different or new"? So of course when you feel good about yourself, your life and the way you look, then naturally you will make wiser choices to eat well, exercise and take care of your health and wellbeing.

This is how we feed our soul.... and ultimately this is Living well!

So let's get to the truth about good skincare and how can I help you achieve beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.  Our skin is the largest organ of our body, it needs to eat, breath, drink water , detoxify and be nurtured just like the rest of our internal organs. This may sound strange but it's actually true! You see our skin, hair and nails when we get right down to the science of it all are actually made up of tiny cells that eat, breath, drink water and then multiply to create more of the same that makes you who you are and what you look like. These cells require all the same nutritional elements that our entire body needs to function at its best.... It's not complicated, it really is that Simple!   So why then do things go wrong with our skin and our health if it is meant to be that simple...? mainly due to the fact that we suffer from nutritional deficiencies from foods that aren't rich in life sustaining nutrients , live complicated over worked , over stressed lives and relationships that all seem to be out of balance. That's Why!

 I've created  Simple Solutions for our skincare needs that are formulated to incorporate all these major nutritional elements that help to maintain & rejuvenate our skin. KISS products contain active plant extracts from herbs, essential fatty acids from cold pressed oils, vitamins, minerals and the amazing healing properties of Honey & Beeswax straight from my father's beehives!

All my products are carefully designed to nourish & protect the skin while being simple yet effective to use. I also wanted to Keep It Simple for you so all my products have 3 or more uses and benefits for you & the whole family. That way you only need one product that actually can be used in several ways , you save on time, money and no need for all those extra products that clutter up your life.

It is my personal mission to educate and inspire people to Keep It Simple in their lives, so we can be happy & create a better world for us all.

Written by

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