Red Quinoa and Macadamia nut salad

Red Quinoa, Macadamia nut and Kale salad.By Fenella Jane

2 Red Apples (I like pink lady apples for this recipe but any apple will do)
1 cup of cooked  Red Quinoa. (Cook for 15 mins about 1/2cup of Quinoa to 2cups so water with a pinch of salt )
2 or 3 Kale leaves washed
1 cup of feta cheese (either cow or goats)
Sprinkle Savoury yeast flakes about 1tablespoon
1 handful  of raw macadamia nuts
Pinch of herb salt sprinkled over the top.

Dressing: Lemon Myrtle infused Macadamia nut cold-pressed oil.

Combine all ingredients together then add the dressing

The great thing about Kale is that it's crunchy like lettuce but will keep for a few days once made up the other ingredients including the dressing. (It stays fresh and crunchy for days)

Tip: for Christmas make this salad the day before as it actually tastes better the next day. I also used 1cup of the made up salad as my base for the stuffing. (seriously time saving and delicious )
For stuffing ...Just add more veggie salt,more oil, some dried cranberries and 3 slices of stale bread you may add cut up onion if you wish.Mix altogether with the bread crumbed and stuff either the turkey or the chook.

I like to cook as easy and simple as I can that's why some of my recipes can be used in various ways. 

Created by
Fenella Jane