The benefits of HONEY

Liquid Gold

 So if I mention liquid gold what do you conjure up in your mind? Kings and Queens of old melting their precious gold stash onto gold-bars or Cleopatra having beautiful jewellery made to adorn herself with ..........  Well I'm actually talking about HONEY! The most precious liquid gold in the world.

      I'm so passionate about the Humble Honey Bee mainly due to being from a 4th generational Bee keeping family that I simply had to write about this subject, so here goes....

      The Honey Bee is truly amazing! Awesome beyond words really. No other insect on the planet provides us with so much healing potential.

      Honey is actually a miraculous form of sunshine energy. Why ?.....because Honey bees collect nectar and pollen from various flowering trees and plants. Plants create nectar and pollen by a process called Photosynthesis which is activated by the light, radiant energy from the sun, so technically its actually a form of "Liquid Sunshine" how cool is that? Then once the nectar is collected the bees mix it with enzymes from their saliva and store it away in their hives for themselves and us to eat.  

      Ok, so we all know honey is a sweet treat to eat but its truly the best form of natural sugar on our market today. Actually it provides us with instant yet low GI energy as it sustains blood glucose levels at a healthy rate throughout the day. Honey contains rich vital nutrients like Antioxidants, Bioflavonoids, Phyto-nutrients and Enzymes all of which have a powerful effect on our own bodies innate healing abilities.

       And if that's not enough...Honey converts to Glycogen in the liver and is stored within liver cells until its slowly released through the blood to be used as a fuel supply for the brain. For example taking a dessertspoon before bed actually nourishes the liver and brain chemistry to help with sleeplessness and insomnia.  Honey also supports how the adrenal glands function especially during times of physical and emotional stress. Then finally stimulates and nourishes the immune system to help fight off bacterial and viral conditions. The benefits and healing power of honey has been well documented and studied all over the world and still to this day honey is so unique in its properties that scientists have not been able to replicate it in a lab! This makes me happy as it just reinforces my belief that nature got it right the first time.

       Out of the bee hive also comes royal jelly, bee pollen, beeswax and propolis all possessing qualities and benefits that heal and enhance our general wellbeing.

Even Cleopatra herself  knew the benefits that it provided as she bathed in honey to cleanse and soften her skin. Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs still perfectly preserved and edible thousands of years later. That's how truly remarkable honey really is!


By Fenella Jane ©