Using Foods as Medicine

Today on ABC Radio with Kelly Fuller I spoke about "Foods as Medicine". We got on the topic of raw Apple Cider Vinegar. We had many callers with great stories and good healthy tips on how to use it as a "natural medicine".

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Article " Using Food as Medicine"

In 400 BC Hippocrates (the father of medicine) said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. We are simply what we eat, drink and think!  Hippocrates is considered to be a pioneer to the concept that our diet, environmental factors and living habits are the cause of disease in the human body and that the true nature of our body is actually designed to heal itself, with the aid of foods rich in the right nutrients.

It has been my own personal belief that nature has provided us with the answers we just need to trust that our body knows what it is doing. We all have eating habits ingrained in us from our early years, we can be emotionally attached to foods that can either enhance us or deplete us of good nutrients as well.

 All cultures around the world have used foods as medicines and in the Eastern culture for example foods are described as either hot, cold, bitter, sour or pungent. Some foods warm us up, others cool us down, some slow down our metabolism and others speed it up.

Some foods are great for digestion and some are great for the liver. Foods can tonify the kidneys and assist our brain to function better.

With this in mind I have chosen some great easy to eat foods that can help the body to eliminate toxins, act as a natural ant- inflammatory and give your blood life giving properties that can enhance your general wellbeing.

*Unpasteurised apple cider vinegar that still has the mother in it has so many uses for our body that it really is one of my top natural medicines.

*Honey / cinnamon together as a drink is helpful for inflammation in the joints and may help to regulate blood sugar levels. It has a lovely balancing effect on our pancreas.

*Lemon juice in the morning kick starts the digestive enzymes and prepares your system for food. It cleanses the liver and provides some good nutrients that can assist with healthy skin.

*Pineapples / pawpaw /kiwifruits are wonderful for providing good plant enzymes that help with digestive issues or sluggish metabolism.

*Cherries may help gout or inflammation in the joints and muscles.

*Kelp is rich in Iodine and other minerals and can assist the thyroid function especially an underactive thyroid.

*Ginger and some spices like chillies or turmeric are used for blood cleanses and are warming for our body so can assist with circulation. Turmeric is now been used as a natural ant-inflammatory for joints muscles and is helpful in bad cases of acne.

Healthy Elixirs .. by Fenella Jane

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar drink.(ACV must be organic, unpasteurised and still with the “mother” in it. It has a cloudy look with sediment in the bottom)

Honey must be raw/organic /local and not heat treated.

Cinnamon is the common spice variety (not cassia bark variety) available at Health food shops and the spice section of the supermarket.

Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir/drink


*Apple Cider Vinegar Refreshes/rejuvenates and cleanses the digestive system. Also keeps a healthy, youthful glow in our skin and hair.

2 teaspoons of ACV

1 teaspoon of Honey

1 cup of either warm or hot water.

Dissolve honey and drink up to 3 times daily.


Honey and Cinnamon Elixir/drink


*Honey and Cinnamon drink is a natural anti-inflammatory /and may assist with blood sugar balance.
It is warming in winter and may improve circulation.

1 teaspoon or more(to taste) of cinnamon

1teaspoon Honey

1 cup of warm/hot water.

May add a dash of milk (taste a bit like a Chai latte) with
milk added.

Milk can be any that suits your needs. Dairy, Soy, Almond,
Oat or Rice

Drink up to 3 times daily


Written by Fenella Jane