Raw Chocolates for Mothers Day

  Guilt free “Chocolate Magic....”

                 for Mothers Day!

Recipe created By Fenella Jane (April 2013)

Prep time 10 min

Prepare the double boiler.To Keep it Simple I use 2 pots (1 small pot should fit easily into the larger one) Make sure the bowl you will put the ingredients into is clean and dry(.  Same with the chocolate moulds.)  


Main Mix:

250gms  raw Cocao

100gms Coconut oil

250 gms Cocao Powder

100gms raw Honey

½ teaspoon fine salt

This is the main mix. Put all the ingredients into the pot or bowl ready for melting. Melting all these ingredients takes about 8mins. Stir well to mix in the honey.

You may use just this mix for prepared moulds or if you would like roast some nuts put on a slice try evenly spreading out and pouring the mix over the top. Sets in the fridge within 20mins.

Or pour into a glass Pyrex bowl and add 5 drops of either peppermint essential oil or rose geranium essential oil. (Gives the chocolates a rich Turkish delight flavour)

Get as creative as you like...chopped ginger is great in this mix . Mix orange oil with flaked almonds ect..

The main mix makes approx 60 small bit sized chocolates. The amount will vary according to the size of your moulds. You may Halve the ingredients to make smaller batches ect..

Enjoy!! This raw chocolate recipe truly is rich in flavour made with the finest ingredients..Completely guilt free and so healthy its Magic!