Benefits Of Silica

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 Silica is a trace mineral that our body requires daily to maintain a healthy heart,strong connective tissue, beautiful shiny hair, strong nails and more.

It is a mineral that is found abundantly in our soils, oceans and all types of rock crystals. Due to this being a hard mineral it is used in industries like glass making.

So why do we need Silica? Well I personally think this mineral is amazing! It is essential to how our body functions, repairs and rejuvenates every day. As we age we need more in our diets, we don’t actually manufacture our own silica so it must be obtained through a healthy diet or by taking it in supplement form. I started taking Silica 4 months ago due to recurring brittle nails and I must say my nails have gone nuts! They certainly are stronger but also the rate at
which they grow is really noticeable. This is what I love the most about the synergy between our environment and our body’s essential requirements of what is provided for us through our
foods and good clean water.  We really are what we eat and hasn’t nature provided all that so beautifully for us!

Benefits of eating a diet rich in Silica or supplementing include:

*It is required in the formation of collagen. The building blocks of healthy,youthful skin, hair and nails, connective tissue, tendons and is one the best natural anti-aging nutrients available. Promotes and improves the growth rate of hair, prevents hair loss, baldness and may encourage hair growth in people with alopecia.

*Helps with acne prone skin, red irritated or rashy skin. Strengthens skin integrity preventing stretch marks.

*Aids inflammation of the gums and strengthens teeth.

*Is required for the absorption of Calcium. Strengthens bones and is essential for healing broken bones

*Supports the formation of cartilage and aids in joint complaints/inflammation, strengthens connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and aids in the elasticity and resilience of the joints.

*Strengthens the immune system’s ability to clean up wounds, infections and is vital to how our
body rids itself of toxins either from these pathogens or heavy metal overload.

*It is a vital nutrient for the heart and beneficial for the blood vessel walls.Preventing hardening of the arteries, clogged arties and aids in varicose veins. 

*prevents kidney stones and spurs.



Our daily requirement of Silica is between 10 to 40mg and is obtained through these foods:

  • Organic rolled oats, Brown rice, whole grains (wheat,millet,quinoa)
    green peas, bananas, carrots, beetroot, and some dried fruits mainly raisins.
  • Processing and refining of these foods depletes the silica.
  • Herbals teas/supplements rich in Silica commonly used are Horsetail or Nettle.


Supplementing is easy with either liquid, capsules or tablets and at this stage no known contraindications have been noted if taking prescribed medications.(*Always speak to your Health care practitioner if in doubt)

 Written By Fenella Jane