" Healthy Brain .... Healthy you"

Healthy Brain. Healthy You.

By Fenella Jane

Our brain is actually a living organism that is responsible for the
processing of thoughts and commanding of action to the trillion of cells that
make up" YOU" a living, breathing, human! Just like the CPU of our
computers all it does is think and send out orders. It is not emotional or
responsible for our feelings that all takes place in our heart.

Brains learn to create patterns and directions , these often become habits
that result from habitual thinking. Our conscious awake mind is capable of
processing up to 7 simultaneous thoughts and observations at any given moment!
that’s cool !

 Our brain has nutritional needs that
are vital to its survival and helping us to live mentally healthier lives.
Think about how much we process in a day!!! Every thought you think is creating
who you are and how you respond to life as you know it.

With this in mind the capacity to change patterns of behavior , to heal
diseases and live happier fuller lives is all in our reach. We just need to
rewire our Brains. One of the most fascinating subjects to me on this topic is
Neuroplasticity which is exactly that ..."training the brain to rewire
itself to create physical changes in our body". A lot has now been studied
over the years at NASA and by Neurologist/scientists with continued success
that this once theory is now a reality.

( Recommended reading "The brain that
changes itself" by Norman Doidge 
and " The biology of belief " by Bruce Lipton)

Brain facts:  The brains total volume
is approx 80% water and of the total nutrients required 60% of those are
Essential fatty Acid.

So how can we feed our brain the right nutrition to keep it functioning at
its best!

* All oily fish are full of omega 3s Salmon, Tuna and sardines are best.

* Avocados’ , raw walnuts and seeds like Chia are rich in plant omega 3s

* foods high in antioxidants like berries. cherries and spices like
turmeric also rich coloured foods capsicum, greens and

* eggs and lecithin contain rich amounts of choline (water soluble vitamin
& member of the B vitamin family)

* coconut oil organic/unrefined

Herbs and supplements that enhance memory recall and actually help to
replace damaged cells in the brain.

Ginkgo, Brahmi and Gotu Kola

Krill oil , Salmon/fish oils

Magnesium and B vitamins/Choline

Written by Fenella Jane