About KISS by Fenella Jane

KISS or Keep It Simple Solutions is actually my own personal philosophy on life! "what we give out, we get back, what we feed our mind and body, we ultimately feed our heart and soul"

With this philosophy in mind and after working many years in the Natural Health industry it naturally lead me to create my own brand of products called "KISS".

Throughout the years it has been my greatest pleasure to educate people on natural health, diet and keeping our skin at its best, but what Ive noticed the most about what is sold to us on the market today is that most brands are overly complicated, full of chemicals and ingredients that no one understands and to top that off can be really expensive! 

KISS products have been created to incorporate Simple Solutions for our skincare needs and are carefully formulated to include all the major nutritional elements that help to maintain and rejuvenate our skin.

All KISS products are made with either HONEY or BEESWAX which come straight out of my Fathers beehives. With such a great awareness and understanding of how wonderful the humble bee is and the benefits to applying honey & beeswax to our skin are simply natures elegant way of letting us all know that mother nature really did get it right the first time. I dont personally believe there is anything more amazing than what comes out of a beehive and scientist still cant chemically copy the healing properties of honey!

In keeping with my KISS philosophy i've carefully designed my products to nourish and protect the skin while being simple yet effective, high quality products to use. All KISS products have 3 or more uses and benefits for you and your whole family. That way you only need one product that actually can be used in several ways. Due to the formulations being pH balanced they are safe for the all skin types and the entire family.

KISS products are handmade in small batches to ensure a higher quality product. The honey bees collect the nectar to make the honey from the New England region of NSW, Australia. All other ingredients are as natural as possible using cold pressed oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. All care is taken to provide as little impact on the environment as possible.


Fenella Jane ( founder ) 

"KISS by Fenella Jane"Mission statement

"to educate and inspire, to love and create, to acknowledge the spirit within all...as within...so without.."